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Finding Light in Community

Despair is the word I would use to describe my outlook on human society and our government today. I can't stop thinking about how the American government is poisoning their people, how they take every opportunity to profit off us, how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Not to mention wars and violent horrors happening everyday that I see pictures of and read headlines about when I open my phone. This earthly world can be so hard sometimes.

Mid-earthly-horror-thought loop, I realized I can't live only focusing on the negativity. I can't let the horrors of our human lives dim my light, not when light is what is needed the most here on earth right now (and always). When we each are shining our own light and vibrating on a high vibration, we can radiate our light to others and in turn, lift others up with us, expanding our collective light and love.

I must focus on the good and the beauty around me and something I've found myself being grateful for over and over again lately are my various communities. For example, I have been truly astounded by the generosity I've found in my local Facebook Marketplace and Buy Nothing groups. I just moved to a new city and haven't had to pay over $35 total for any of my newfound furniture and decorations. In an economy of inflation, I have been so grateful to not have to spend excessive money on furnishing my apartment. I have also been able to give away items I no longer use to members of these groups and it feels so nice to be able to share and give back to the community that has been so generous to me.

The beauty of community, I've found, is that they are small hubs of love and light. I'm so grateful for each of the communities I am a part of, especially for how we share and support each other- my old Monday night trivia group, my Cove and Burgundy community, my yoga community, my loved ones (which these days has truly become a herd, there are so many people in it!), my art supporters, Elder Pep (the day club for seniors I've been volunteering at) and more! The light in community I've found lately has minimized (if not neutralized) the negativity of the world, and for that I am so grateful.


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