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2020 Reflection

Happy 2021 everyone! Every year I make a long list of goals for the upcoming year, and I was going to write a post about that, but instead of looking forward together, I wanted to take some time to be reflective with you.

I think 2020 could be summed up by the word “humble.”

This past year I have been humbled in so many ways. I’ve been humbled by the job search, friends, lovers, this blog, my body and the world as I knew it. I’ve realized the importance of socialization but I have also really come to appreciate my alone time. 2020 has taught me how to practice gratitude and meditation, two things that have really helped ground me during times I felt the most anxious.

I was reflecting with my friend the other day about how life has really felt like one giant ongoing blur of a year since graduating college in 2019, despite the fact that it has almost been two years. So much has happened since then, and it sounds cliche to say, but I feel like a completely different person. I graduated college, moved to a new state for the first time in my life, lived through (am living through) a global pandemic, quit my job, started a blog, went through break ups, friendship ups and downs, did an internship, moved back home, and now I am pursuing my art dreams.

I have learned so much and am proud of who I am today. And I am proud of you, whoever is reading this, because you made it through 2020 too. I invite you to take a moment sometime today to reflect on all the things you’ve learned from this past year and acknowledge any change in yourself. How have you grown?

I wanted to use this post to also say thank you to all of my readers. I am so grateful for your readership. It’s always nice to hear from you guys and know that I am not just writing into the void.

So cheers to 2021, may it be good to each of us and bring happiness!


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