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Welcome to my blog/a look into my mind! 

I originally started my blog to write about my own ups and downs surrounding graduating college and entering true adulthood in order to show other post-college graduates that we are all experiencing the same feelings during this weird  transition phase, and that life isn't perfect. Writing those initial entries became very therapeutic for me and has since developed into more of a lifestyle blog/ online journal that's very public (which makes sense because I'm an oversharer in real life). 

I actually started writing blog entries in October 2019 as a hypothetical "if I ever made a blog, this is what I would post" type of thing. It wasn't until maybe May of 2020 that I decided to actually turn my posts into a legitimate blog and share it with the world. I decided to post all my original entries, the ones I wrote when I didn't know if I'd actually make a blog, because those feelings are still valid and I think many recent graduates can relate to how I felt then. You can tell they're one of the older posts because it will say "originally written on XXX" (with the date the post was written).  

ANYWAY, welcome and enjoy!

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Quick background on me: I have spent all of my 23 years of existence as a DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native. I moved to Boston in September 2019 after graduating from American University in May. I absolutely love pilates, food (so long as it's gluten free- I have Celiac), fashion and photoshoots.  


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