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Originally written October 17, 2019

Hello World,

Welcome to my blog. I suppose this blog will be the chronicles of my post-graduate life, detailing my trials and tribulations since graduation. I'm still trying to figure out what I'll write about, what I want to do in life, who I am, and where I am going, and basically everything else. Wow, I stressed myself out writing that.

You might have come across my blog because you're one of my sorority sisters supporting me (aay ladies, SFAS). Or maybe you're also a post graduate seedling just blowing in the wind, looking for guidance and support. Or maybe you're about to graduate and you're looking for a sneak-peek at someone's experience about what's to come. OR! perhaps you're an old fart and are reading this to reflect on your own experience and thank the Lord that you are in a different phase of life. Regardless of who is reading this, I hope there is a little bit of relatable content in here for everyone.

Let me start over. My name is Liana. I graduated in May 2019 from American University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communications and a minor in Education Studies. I grew up in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) and am currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I work in retail and am on the hunt to find a full time job (more on this later, obviously). I enjoy fashion, art, and eating, as well as Instagram, pilates, and a bunch of other stuff.

So please, sit back and relax while I work on myself, navigate post-graduate life, and write this blog.

xoxo peace out girl scout,


PS- I was originally going to name my blog "just a seed" because I often feel like a seed that is just billowing in the wind, but I didn't get a lot of positive feedback on that one, hence why I just went with my name.

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