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Less Traditional Forms Of Self Care

Originally written February 4, 2020

Today was a weirdly good day for just a normal Tuesday and I think it was because I indulged in some less traditional forms of self care.

My manager was grumpy this morning, which is kind of his perpetual state these days. I hate when my usually upbeat mood is brought down by his bad mood, but I was able to not let it affect me and my work which made me happy.

After work I had some time to kill before my yoga class, so I stopped by my favorite lingerie store in Harvard Square and bought myself a pair of lace underwear to match a bra-top that I already own so I can wear it on Valentine’s Day! I read somewhere that women should invest in nice, high quality lingerie because it is a really good self care item. I firmly believe that if you are wearing things that you love, you will feel good and it will manifest on the outside (i.e. you'll be more confident). But besides that, I can’t say more good things about this store, I absolutely love them! They are called Forty Winks and located right in Harvard Square. They have great products and a really helpful staff. I felt good investing in a nice pair of underwear for myself, as well as supporting a local (and female owned and operated!) business.

Then I went to a hot yoga class, which always makes me feel good. Today’s class was super challenging, but I walked out feeling powerful and way more limber.

After yoga, I stopped by Lush to pick up their Valentine’s Day eggplant bath-bomb. It is going to make the funniest Galentine’s Day gift for one of my girl friends, I’m so excited to give it to her! I also picked up a foot exfoliating bar because I was noticing how I haven’t been paying too much attention to my feet, but I didn’t really want to spend the money on a pedicure. I asked the saleswoman what her favorite product was in the store and she showed me the Pumice Powder foot bar, and I knew I had to have it (also it was only $4, so it was really a steal).

Once I came home and showered, I decided to give the foot bar a whirl and oh my goodness, it worked so well! I rubbed it on calluses and then all over my feet for good measure. It got the dead skin off pretty effectively and it left them smelling citrus-y and clean and so smooth!

Before bed I wanted to challenge myself to try the yoga crow position. I am always too scared to actually try it in class because of the hard floor in the studio. On the safety of the rug in my room, I was able to successfully get into crow position for the first time! I was so proud I was able to do my own challenge and train and move my body in new ways; I’m proud to see how strong I am getting.

Self care doesn’t have to be face masks and a relaxing evening, but it can simply be little things that make you feel good.


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