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What I Buy At Trader Joe's

I hate to be super basic, but who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? If we are being honest though, they’re not really my go-to for all my grocery needs, but their vibes are too good! The one thing I do go to Trader Joe’s for time and time again though are most of my gluten free groceries! Even though I feel like many grocery stores are expanding their gluten free sections because it’s become more “trendy” to eat gluten free, I still think Trader Joe’s has some of the best gf products. Here are some of the gf Trader Joe’s products I buy on a regular basis.


Kale Pesto

This is my absolute favorite pesto! I’m not entirely sure why, but a lot of American pestos irritate my stomach. I know some use wheat but even the ones that don’t still seem to give me a stomach ache. This Vegan Kale pesto though has never irritated my stomach and I think it tastes really good.


Gluten Free Whole Wheat Bread- This is my favorite gluten free bread by far! The only downside I would say is that the slices are small, but I can get over that. I typically buy two loaves and keep one in the fridge to preserve it (otherwise gluten free bread goes bad quickly I’ve found!) and then I store the other one in the freezer.

Pasta- The selection of gluten free pastas at Trader Joe’s is unreal (although they don’t have lasagna noodles...but that’s okay). I really like the Yellow Lentil Brown Rice pasta or the Brown Rice and Quinoa for spaghetti and then Brown Rice and Quinoa pasta for fusilli pasta.


Chicken Sausages

These are perfect for easy protein! I like to eat them for breakfast with eggs or cut them up and throw them in a rice bowl with peas. If you have a gluten intolerance, be mindful when you buy processed meat like this! Sometimes the preservatives they use contain wheat/glutinous products!

Frozen Food

Let’s be real...the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe’s is really where it’s at! It’s where they THRIVE! My staples are their Cauliflower Pizza and their Cauliflower Gnocchi. I try to keep both of these stocked in my freezer at all times because you never know when you’re going to feel too tired (read: lazy) to cook. The pizza is also such an easy thing to make. I have made it the night before and then brought it along as picnic food on numerous occasions.

I will say, Trader Joe’s can be very hit or miss when it comes to their gluten free frozen food. While their Cauliflower pizza and gnocchi are two of my absolute staples, I really do not like their frozen mac’cheese or their frozen breaded fish (although I know other people like should try everything for yourself). So I was a little nervous to try their frozen chicken nuggets, but I HAD to try them! I’m so glad I did because they are AMAZING! I love them so much!!! Definitely a must-try for everyone, especially if you are gf. I normally buy frozen nuggets from Giant/Stop’n’Shop because they have good ones, but the Trader Joe’s ones taste better in my opinion. I think they actually taste like real chicken, a lot less processed. They almost remind me of Chik’Fil’A nuggets.


Everything Bagel Seasoning- This is such a game changer of a seasoning. It tastes amazing on anything (eggs, bagels, rice, you name it). Nothing else to say here, just 10/10 if you like garlicky-salty flavors.

Coconut Aminos- I stumbled upon coconut aminos when I was trying to find replacements for soy sauce. If you haven’t tried coconut aminos before, it has the same consistency as soy sauce, it’s just sweeter. I don’t think it’s necessarily a replacement for soy sauce, but I think it’s an amazing condiment nonetheless!


I used to buy boxes of Lara Bars at Trader Joe’s but they recently stopped selling them! I’m so sad! If anyone has any good gluten free snack bars from Trader Joe’s to recommend, let me know!

Chocolate- I think Trader Joe’s has some of the best chocolate. My favorite sweet treat is a tie between the Sunflower Butter Dark Chocolate Cups OR the Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Cup. They're both just healthier versions of a Reese’s Pieces cup!

Salty Treat- I usually need both a sweet and salty treat, so the Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are my go-to. I’ll eat them straight out of the bag or with humus.


If I’m feeling indulgent, I have a tendency to try a new product from Trader Joe’s. They just have so many unique products, it’s hard not to! Although I am skeptical about it, this week I picked up their chocolate humus to try. I remember my sorority sisters raving about it a few years ago, so wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted on how I feel about it in my Instagram stories!

The wine section at my local Trader Joe’s in Boston was phenomenal. Not to expose myself, but they have so many bottles of cheap but tasty wine. The last bottle I bought was a Maria Lola Sangria, which is apparently only available during the summertime. They also have some fun gluten free ciders that I am still exploring. This time I got their Peach Bellini (which is so so good, if you haven’t tried any of their Bellinis, I would highly recommend) and some random white wine (Cotes Du Rhone Reserve).

Last but not least, I think it’s really nice to get yourself flowers. They just look so pretty around the house, and they’re a sweet reminder that you appreciate yourself. Plus, Trader Joe’s flowers last longer than average! I have no idea why, but it’s nice!

Also in case you were concerned, they're super on top of COVID-19 regulations :)


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