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Spring Bucket List

My sister sent me a TikTok that had a long list of things you can do this spring, and it was amazing, so I decided I wanted to do as many as I could! I can’t wait!!

I completed a Fall Bucket List earlier this year, which I created myself, but it was geared more towards things to do specifically in the DMV-area. I like that this one has more things you can accomplish wherever you live! Happy Spring everyone!

  • Pretty Picnic

  • Paint Flower Pots

  • Local Farmers Market

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Pick and Press Wild Flowers

  • Outdoor Movie

  • Scratch Art

  • Bake Something

  • Go Hiking (bonus points if it’s with a dog)

  • Quad

  • Clean Out Your Closet

  • Sun Dye Your Clothes

  • Thrift Something

  • Car Camping

  • Support Your Local Garden Center

  • DIY Tote Bags

  • Go Rollerblading

  • Make A New Playlist

  • Watch The Sunset At The Beach

  • Long Bike Ride

  • Mail A Letter

  • Change Up Your Look

  • DIY Jewelry

  • Art Journal

You can follow my Spring Bucket List progress on my Instagram where I'll document and save each completed activity in a highlight on my profile!


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