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Sometimes You Just Gotta Sit Next To Someone And Cry

Originally written October 22, 2019

Sometimes you just gotta sit next to someone and cry. Or sometimes you'll be the one sitting next to someone while they cry.

I came home one day this week to find one of my roommates sitting in the living room, eating yogurt and watching cartoons looking unwell. When I asked what was going on, they explained all of their "adulting issues" and I just sat there and realized there wasn't anything I could do to help. I love being able to help my friends and loved ones, and it was so disheartening in that moment to feel so helpless. Listening to my roommate's issues also made me realize how hard I was working myself to try to have it all together too and I started crying also, because it can be so hard sometimes!

It's hard finding a job. And even once you get a job, then the job might be difficult. It's hard doing everything for yourself constantly, making sure you're getting everything done for the week. It's hard working a full time job and trying to squeeze in doctor's appointments, going to the bank, working out, and having a social life. And on top of that, also make sure you have time to make yourself a healthy dinner each night and are taking time for yourself. It's honestly a lot to ask of a person!

So there we were, two adults, crying together in our living room. But that's okay; sometimes you just have to do that, cry and get it all out, and then after you've thrown a small pity party for yourself and mourned your youth and simpler days, you have to get back on your feet and keep going. Just like everything else, adulting becomes easier the more you do it. And I have faith that eventually one day, not only will adulting be easy, but that we will feel happier with where we are at in life and have more fun.

These are books that make me happy when I am feeling down. Despite most of them being meant for children, I find their messages to be very encouraging as an adult and they remind me of the simplicity of life. They all have beautiful illustrations and I love flipping through their pages just for the pictures. Even though I couldn't help my roommate with their specific issues, I let them borrow these books in hopes that they might cheer them up a little.

Looking back on this post, I can confidently say that it does indeed get easier to "adult," and we are happier with where we are in life. I would also like to add that once you've had a moment to be in your feelings and are ready to pick yourself back up, make sure to remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for. Be grateful and proud of how far you've come, be grateful for the job you have, or the motivation you have to job search. Be grateful for your friends, family and everyone who supports you. Be grateful everyday that you have the opportunity to take care of yourself. Life is good and it is going to be okay.

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