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Quarantine Evening Entertainment

There are four of us living in my household right now, and if we don’t have any individual plans or work after dinner, we usually play a game or watch a movie together. Here are some of the things we have been doing for evening entertainment in lieu of doing things with other friends, going out, etc.

Games We’ve Been Obsessed With

-Settlers of Catan (I feel like this one is a board game cult favorite and surprisingly I had no interest in learning how to play it until now)

-Euchre (a card game played with playing cards. I would describe it as a more sophisticated Uno)

-The Unstable Unicorn Game (This card game is like no other! It is so fun to play with a group of people but can also be played with two players)

-Dungeons and Dragons (I used to think this was an exclusively nerdy game to play because I had only seen it on Freaks and Geeks when Sam and his geeky friends played it, and it might still be, BUT it’s so much fun! It’s basically an imagination game you would play as a kid but someone is kind of vaguely guiding the story and there are some rules about character abilities)

TV shows

-One Day at a Time

-The Politician

-Good Girls


We all have very different taste in movies for the most part, so deciding on something to watch for us all to watch can be tricky. We made a big list of movies we’d like to watch during Quarantine and then we have an elaborate way to pick a movie from that list.


-The Spy Who Dumped Me


-The Blindside

-Miss Congeniality

-Monty Python and The Life of Brian

-9 to 5

-The Princess Bride



-Legally Blonde




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