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Motivational Friends And Galentine's Day

Originally written February 20, 2020

They say that you are a combination of the 3-5 people you hang around the most, so why not surround yourself with successful people? I don’t mean successful monetarily, but rather successful in a variety of different fields of life, such as relationships, careers, school, etc.

It personally makes me feel good to surround myself with highly motivated and goal oriented people. These friends encourage me to be the best version of myself, and work a little harder to achieve my own goals.

Successful friends can act as a mix between healthy competition and role models, however, the challenge of this is not to compare yourself to your friend and downplay your own accomplishments or be hard on yourself. Instead view your friend group as a collective of successful people, including yourself, who are all working towards their own personal goals and continue to support and motivate each other.

In American society I feel like there is a lot of competition in terms of careers which makes people lose sight of what life is about (in my opinion) and results in people not helping each other out when they can, which makes me sad. Even simple things like reading over a friend’s resume and offering feedback can be helpful. One of my friends works in HR and has read over

my resume so many times and improved it so much because she wants to see me succeed and do well. Make sure you are keeping those who want to see you succeed in your life.

Speaking of friends, Galentine’s Day was just upon us and I guess I was really feeling the love for my friends this year because when I was at Walmart, I splurged a bit and bought gifts for my close friends in Boston. It made me happy to give them gifts they weren’t expecting, and it feels good to show friends your appreciation and care.


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