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May Favorites

I think I have decided that I want to do a monthly favorites every other month because I just don't accumulate favorite products or items that quickly. Without further ado- here are my May favorites.

I know I am a little late on the bandwagon with this one, but my family just got Disney+ and I am THRIVING. I have been binge watching That So Raven lately-- why is Raven actually so funny? It’s nice to have something to watch that you don’t have to think a lot about.

In order to slowly go through all the hand lotions I have accumulated, I keep a lotion on my nightstand to apply before bed. During the winter I had my Eucalyptus and Lavender lotion, but for the spring I changed it out for this one. The scent of this lotion is unreal; it smells floral-y and sweet but not overpowering. It’s the perfect spring scent and I love it.

I love candles but I stopped using them when I learned that paraffin wax, which many scented candles use, can be toxic (because it releases carcinogens into the air when burned). I have dabbled in essential oils a bit since then, but they don’t quite replace the relaxation candles bring me. Luckily, when Quarantine started one of my favorite Influencers made a post to highlight small and local businesses in the country so that we could help them out. I found Tidal Living through this post and learned that Christine handmakes all the candles using coconut wax and wooden wicks! Coconut wax is the most eco-friendly candle wax on the market currently. Wooden wicks are nice because they give off a nice crackling sound when lit. Christine created Tidal Living because she wanted to lead a healthier and toxic-free lifestyle for herself and then decided to share her products to the public. I purchased the 10oz Grapefruit and Mint candle and LOVE IT. I think this might be the only place I buy candles from now on. Christine also has other products like bath salts and lip balms on her site, and is making limited edition summer scents for her candles- you can follow her Instagram for updates.


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