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Make New Friends But Keep The Old

Originally written January 28, 2020

Just a quick thought. . .

I was listening to a “GRL Vibes Only” podcast episode about the importance of maintaining friends from high school and college through your adulthood; I couldn’t agree with this more. Maintaining friends from college, highschool, and even elementary school is so important because when you start a new chapter in life, you always have a group of people who love you to rely on.

Having my old friends from high school and college has been so important as I moved to a new state earlier this year. Despite moving with two of my best friends, I still don’t know a ton of people here and keeping in touch with my friends from back home keeps me going at times.

Like any relationship, friendship requires effort, and you still need to continue nurturing these older friendships almost as much as you do with those you see more regularly. Many friendships can easily go long periods of time without communication and then pick right back up, but I think it’s always better to at least check in every now and then just to see what’s going on in their life. Make time to call or FaceTime your old friends on a regular basis (it can be as often as once a week, or just once a month) just to check in or say hi.


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