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Feeling More Inspired And Working Out

Originally written November 5, 2019

FRIENDS! INSPIRATION HAS STRUCK! I don’t know how or why, but I am feeling motivated again. I think it’s because it is Scorpio season and my moon and rising signs are in Scorpio. It is also probably because I am being more active, and am doing more things now that I feel settled in my apartment.

Catching up with one of my old college roommates who had just traveled Europe made me realize I was craving hiking and being outdoors. I researched good places to hike around Boston and found Middlesex Fells Park. It was such a good hike and the weather was absolutely beautiful! My roommate let me borrow their car, which was really nice and helped me feel more free. Driving, listening to the radio and being outdoors really helps me escape my bubble.

I am making more effort to get things done in advance so that I am in less of a rush during the week. For example, ever since I moved to Boston I have been very uninspired in terms of outfits to wear. And every morning I just stand in my closet for 20 minutes trying to figure out an outfit that keeps me warm but is still cute. The problem with this is not only am I left with an outfit that I am not completely satisfied with, but so much of my time is wasted in the morning and leaves me without time to eat a good breakfast! In order to tackle this, I went ahead and used some of my downtime during the week to pick out six or seven cute outfits that I could wear to work or when hanging out with friends. Not only has it made my mornings less stressful (I get to sleep in a bit more because I know exactly what I’m wearing and what accessories to pair with it), but I also feel more confident and happier because I feel good about my outfit.

I have also started working on small projects to keep me excited. For one, this blog. I also want to work with local Boston bloggers and do freelance work for them. I want to get more experience doing blog and Instagram stuff, creating content and working on photoshoots. I love my bloggers that I follow religiously, so I figured this would be a good little project. I have a meeting set up with one of my favorite bloggers now (Nikki from Bayberry & Main, check her out!!) and I am so excited to be able to meet her and work with her.

Lastly, I have been exploring new pilates and yoga studios and that has given me great joy. Working out makes me so happy and gives me so much motivation to tackle whatever I need to, and I absolutely love doing pilates. It is the perfect exercise for me because it’s challenging but not strenuous, and I can actually see my body change - even from just going to a class once a week consistently for the past few months. I also love workout classes in general because I like having an instructor guiding and fixing my form when needed, and I’m more motivated when I am surrounded by others. Another nice thing about taking a class is if you go often enough to the same studio, you grow a nice little community of people who all train together every week, and it’s nice and comforting.

I have been trying to find a good pilates studio or gym that offers classes ever since I moved and was becoming frustrated because everything is either too expensive or too far away. Over the past two months during my daily bus or T commute, I would take notice of any studios or gyms that looked good to me and I would jot them down. Once I had a good list going, I researched them and came up with a new list of all the studios that either had good intro offers or what I was looking for in a pilates studio. I am now trying them all to see which one(s) I like the best. So far I have tried two, and the second one has been my absolute favorite. It’s a hot yoga/pilates studio in Harvard Square called Breathe Cambridge, and they have an amazing intro deal (10 classes for $30). I was nervous that hot pilates was going to be too intense for me because I had only done hot yoga once, and my pilates experience has been a slower-paced mat class. To my surprise, hot pilates was even better than regular pilates! You forget about the heat pretty quickly because you’re focusing on the actual workout. And oh my goodness, these workouts are INTENSE. My abs are POPPING after my 10 classes.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this studio because after working out regularly for the first time in a few months I feel happier. I like that it gives me a routine, a way to healthily escape, and allows me to get stronger.

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