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DMV Fall Bucket List (Pandemic Edition)

I suppose this is more mainly for me to encourage myself to explore my home area. But since I was at it, I figured I would share in case anyone wants inspiration for their own fall bucket list or if they plan on visiting the DMV area anytime soon.

  • Get a "Fauci Pouchy" at Capo Italian Deli

  • Go through the neighborhoods in Georgetown and look at their fall/Halloween decorations

  • Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard

  • Go to a pumpkin patch (I have yet to decide which one)

  • Visit the newly finished Tatte’s (I am SO EXCITED for this!!!)

  • Tacos from Little Miner Taco

  • Bold Rock Brewery

  • Drive in movie theater (Definitely going to Goochland, but I also want to try The Family Drive-in and Hulls)

  • Clifton, VA

  • Sky Meadows State Park

  • Mosaic District (didn’t even know we had one??)

  • Skyline Drive (ideally I want to go during a sunrise or sunset)

  • Night Monumenting

  • Day Monumenting

  • Hiking (I want to hike more of Shenandoah, I did Compton Peak last week)

The truth about living in DC (see below)


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