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Cape Cod Girls Trips

I am a big fan of girls’ trips. I think it’s important to make time to see the people you care about, so I hope that every summer (or at least once a year) I am able to take a trip with some of my girl friends. I guess I started branding these trips as “girls trips” last summer when my friends and I went to Rhode Island, and I constantly was saying “gorls.” I think I picked that up from my sister.

Anyway so now “Girls Trip” is a thing. This year for Girls Trip we obviously didn’t want to go on a big travel excursion because of the pandemic but we still wanted to do a little getaway to lift our spirits and give us something to look forward to. We decided that Cape Cod would be the perfect spot. We really didn’t want to do much more than be at the beach all day anyway.

We booked an Airbnb in June and crossed our fingers that the pandemic would still be at a lull in Massachusetts by the time the trip came around. Luckily, things went okay and we were able to go- I’m sure you’ve seen my highlight reel of our trip on Instagram (and if you’re not, you should follow me!).

I know that for many, taking a trip of any sorts might be a little daunting right now. But I wanted to share our itinerary in the hopes of showing you that you can still be safe and have fun despite a pandemic.

Also, I should preface this with the fact that we knew going into the trip that we would be exposing each other to our own germs, obviously. It was a risk we were willing to take because we were all being safe, staying in as much as possible beforehand, not being in contact with unnecessary amounts of people, etc. We are all very lucky that none of us are immunocompromised otherwise I might have been a little more hesitant.

If we are being honest, I wanted us all to get COVID testing before we left for the trip, but it just didn’t make sense because it takes so long for the test to come back, we could have gotten Corona within that time, so we just skipped it. It would have been nice to have some peace of mind, but again it might not have been peace of mind because we still could have contracted the virus after being tested.

ALSO. We are in Massachusetts where cases are leveling out and slowly going down. People are also fairly vigilant about wearing masks, every place is good about sanitation measures, etc., so I feel safe traveling within my state.


-We all traveled together in one car from Boston to the Cape

-Stopped at Truro Vineyard for a wine tasting and (not going to lie) to take pictures (is it really Girls Trip if there is no #content?!) Everything was outdoors and we were able to be a safe distance away from other parties.

-Got lunch at Sweet Escape (got take out and sat outside to eat)

-Checked into our airbnb, got situated

-Got take out pizza to go from Red Barn Pizza (Their pizza is SO GOOD! I’m still dreaming about their gluten free veggie pizza)

-Drove to a drive-in comedy show! This was so fun! It was an unexpected surprise, my friends literally got the tickets the day of when they found out Iliza Schlesinger was going to be performing. And drive-ins are the best because you literally don’t have to leave your car and you can bring all the snacks and beverages you want (don’t drink and drive though)


-Beach day! The beach we went to was kind of small, but we were still able to stay six feet away from other people. Also the beach is apparently lower risk than a lot of other outdoor places, so that made me feel a little better.

-We knew that our airbnb had a grill, so we brought meat and veggies to grill for dinner this night. My friend Allie worked the grill like a master.

-Watched the sunset at the beach and (of course) took more pictures

-Had a chill evening in


-Had our second beach day!

-We went out to dinner at The Beachcomber. This was the one thing I was a little nervous about. I personally don’t really want to be going out to eat at restaurants right now. It seems easily avoidable to me and also I feel bad for the servers, but I guess it’s good for business so I don’t know. Luckily the outdoor seating was very spaced out and it felt safe. We all got frozen margaritas (which were so yummy) and I got the mussels as an appetizer and a lobster roll for my main course. I was disappointed with their lobster roll if I’m being honest, but their mussels were great! So I guess you win some, you lose some.

-After taking some sunset beach pictures outside of the restaurant we went home and had another evening in making TikToks.


-We packed up all of our things and headed back to Boston (we made one stop at a tourist shop to get matching Cape Cod shirts to commemorate the trip. I’m so happy we did because the shirts we got are SO comfy. I have been wearing it all the time).

And that was our little weekend getaway! It was super fun, and hanging out with my friends, enjoying our trip was such a good distraction from thinking about the pandemic all the time. I would highly recommend a weekend getaway if you are able to right now.


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