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Bucket Lists!

Originally written December 23, 2019

Bucket lists are so important and fun! I have made one for most significant phases of my life (college, senior year of college, my last summer in DC, Boston, life in general, etc.). They can help you focus on the important things that you really want to do before you leave whatever phase, as well as give you great memories, stories, and photo opportunities. They are a way of holding yourself accountable and living life to the fullest, and appreciating where you are in life. They also personally help me with anxiety and/or boredom. If I’m ever feeling anxious or like I have nothing to look forward to in life, I just make these lists to give me something to look forward to, and when I don’t have something to do, I get to knock something off the bucket list!

Here is part of my Boston bucket list from when I first moved as an example. I have crossed a lot off this list since writing this. Hopefully this inspires you to make one and take advantage of your own city!

-Go to Salem in October

-JFK museum

-Glossier pop-up shop

-Martha’s Vineyard

-Getaway Cabin

-Go to every Soul Cycle location

-Cape Cod

-See the ducks in Boston Commons (a lot)

-Red Sox game

-Bruins game

-The Big E

-Live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show


-eat a Maine lobster

-pumpkin patch

-drink lots of Dels lemonade and loyals

-Harvard/Yale football game

-Whale watching boat tour

-Union Oyster house

-Boston Aquarium

-Doctor Seuss pop-up experience

-Children’s Museum

I personally like writing out my lists on paper and making them really pretty, but putting them in a google doc or a note on your phone work just as well.

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