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A Letter To Myself, A Year Out From Graduating College

Originally written May 9, 2020

Dear May 2019 Liana,

Baby girl congratulations, ya done did it! You graduated from college!!!! Take time to enjoy your accomplishments. Enjoy home and DC. Spend time with your friends and family. Stop stressing about boys, start focusing on yourself!!!!!

I know it’s hard and scary right now, and you are worried about the future, but I promise everything is going to be okay. May 2020 Liana still doesn’t really know what she is doing career-wise, but that’s okay! You are both still so young and have so much life to live. You don’t need to figure it out this second. You are going to learn so much in this upcoming year about yourself, life, relationships, and surprise — you’re going to live through a pandemic!

But you’re going to be so happy and proud of yourself! You are going to be living with your best friend and two other people who you don’t really know right now, but you’re going to grow close to and end up loving so much. And you are going to feel so happy and loved and full despite not having a full-time job, which I know you are secretly stressing about. But girlfriend, that’s not what life is about. You don’t need a job to be happy! And don’t hang around people who think you do!!! Clearly you don’t see eye to eye about life with these types of people, and that’s okay, it just means they’re not your person.

I wish I could give you this feeling right now. You are sitting with your three roommates. It’s almost 11 at night and you are all listening to weird folk music working on different things but sitting together in the living room. You all had dinner together and your house is warm and cozy. There is a pandemic going on right now, but you are all safe and happy, and so are your friends and family.

Everything is going to work itself out, be patient. Live in the present, stop thinking about the future. You are going to be okay.

I love you!


May 2020 Liana

PS- just start working on the blog now, it would be saving me so much work right now trying to upload all these posts at once.


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