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9 Ways To Treat Yourself Right This Valentine's Day

Here’s a potential hot take for you- I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s because my dad used to make it feel so special for my sister and me. He would buy us gifts or chocolates- nothing too big or extravagant, but always a little something to express his love. Now when this day rolls around, I am reminded to do little things for myself to show I care and remind myself of my dad and his gift-giving spirit.

Whether you are single or unable to be with your loved one because of the pandemic, Valentine’s Day is a time to spread a little more love in your life, and that includes showing yourself more love! Here are my nine suggestions for treating yourself right this Valentine’s Day.

1. Buy yourself some flowers the week of

Having fresh flowers around always makes me happy and it’s nice to do something for yourself like this, why wait for someone else to buy them for you? I suggest going to Trader Joe’s because their flowers are cheap and they last for such a long time!

2. Start the day off right by giving yourself some sort of treat in the morning

This could be anything from a decadent Starbucks order to a really fancy four course breakfast if you have the time.

3. Spend time doing something you like

Luckily Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, so hopefully you don’t have to do any work! I would spend some time doing something you like. For me, this would probably be a pilates class or laying in bed watching my favorite YouTube vloggers.

4. Eat dark chocolate!

Or whatever sweet you enjoy, I personally really love dark chocolate. Or any chocolate for that matter.

5. Call a friend or family member you love

I always feel so much happier after catching up with a friend on the phone. Also here's a hack my bestfriend recently taught me. While you're having a teleparty with a friend, call each other via Facebook Messager- this way you won't hear feedback from each other's Netflix- and this way you can talk on the phone and get real time reactions rather than having to type. Also there's a way to minimize the chat box now, so exciting!!!

6. Order in or make your favorite food for dinner

There's nothing better than a good meal. Period.

7. Have a spa night

Light your favorite candle, have a bath, do a face mask, a hand mask, paint your nails, etc. I have been loving burning Two Scents body oil candles while I take a bath lately, and then rubbing the oil into my skin as a moisturizer when I am done. I have the ‘relaxation’ scent which smells amazing, but they just came out with a rose petal scent for Valentine’s Day, which looks so pretty!

8. Wear lingerie and masturbate

My go-to for lingerie will always be Forty Winks.

9. Watch your favorite movie and go to bed at a reasonable time

I have been dying to re-watch Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio, so catch me watching that this week!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and I hope you get the chance to treat yourself to something nice.

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