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Hand Painted Coolers


How it started

It all started the spring of 2016...

the beginning of my time in a sorority, when I heard about the ancient (misogynistic) tradition of sorority members painting coolers for fraternity members as "a way of saying thank you for being taken to formal." I desperately wanted to paint a cooler for someone, but didn't have a frat boy I felt close enough with at that point to make a cooler for. Fortunately my sorority Big and I were taking a trip to LA that summer to visit my GBig for her birthday. We decided we didn't need to wait for a boy to come into my life, so together we made a mini cooler as a birthday present for my GBig. 

Since then, I have been hand-painting coolers as gifts for friends and have decided to finally offer them to the public. Hand-painting these coolers reminds me that I don't need to wait for others to come into my life if I want to do something; I am capable of doing hard labor independently for whomever. 



It makes me so happy to make such personalized works of art, whether I have creative freedom or am collaborating with someone to bring their vision to life. I love seeing my artwork displayed wherever the cooler owners decide to take them. 

Cooler Care Keeping

Want to order your own cooler?

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